Kavanaugh suspended for season

The University of Dayton released the following statements today about a men's basketball issue.
University of Dayton Statement

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"Matt Kavanaugh is suspended for the remainder of the academic year as a result of violations of the University of Dayton Standards of Behavior and Code of Conduct. Therefore, he will not play on the basketball team this season.
Privacy requirements prohibit us from commenting further on this matter."
Statement, Tim Wabler, vice president and director of athletics
"Our student-athletes are part of the campus community before they are athletes, and any time a student is disciplined in this way, it is a serious matter for everyone involved.  We have more than 400 student-athletes compete for us annually, and to have one of them disciplined in this manner by the University is rare." 
Statement, Archie Miller, Dayton Flyers basketball coach
"The fact that Matt Kavanaugh will not be a part of our team this season is disappointing for our team, and is disappointing for Matt and his family. The best way for everyone in our program to deal with this disappointment is to move forward, and keep our eye on a brighter future."